Fawkner Residents Association


New residents group for Fawkner established to give voice to ratepayers concerns


Monday April 10, 2017.  Fawkner resident Mr. Joe Perri has announced that he has registered the Fawkner Residents Association in response to the numerous concerns received from local neighbours and ratepayers about the impact high density development is having on the suburb.  

Commenting further, Mr Perri said Fawkner residents he has spoken to are angry and adamant that both the Moreland Council and State Government are totally out of step with their expectations and aspirations for the area.  

“The residents I’ve met are resolute they DON’T want a suburb that is nothing more than a high density unsightly dormitory in which the new residents drive in and drive out each day never interacting with fellow neighbours”, said Mr Perri.  

“They want a healthy, socially cohesive and inclusive community with a future”.

Fuelling the anger of Fawkner residents is that for the massive windfall in stamp duty, rates, charges and taxes to Council and Government – there has been no investment and improvement to the public realm of Fawkner.

Nothing for urban renewal, new parklands, additional retail and social / community spaces to address the liveability needs of the suburb’s increased population – and the list of ratepayer concerns goes on.

Mr. Perri continued, “There are two very distinct policies at play in this state 1) greenfield developments that receive every consideration with respect to their public realm needs; and 2) established inner city suburbs such as Fawkner whose needs are being completely ignored”.

“Is it any wonder that the residents of Fawkner feel unappreciated, undervalued and ignored by Council and State Government!”

The next step for the Fawkner Residents Association will be to bring a working party together as the organisation’s inaugural leadership team to advocate the suburb’s concerns to Council and Government.

Mr. Perri concluded, “I would strongly encourage all suburbs to seriously consider the establishment of their own resident / ratepayer associations and loudly proclaim their concerns to their local elected representatives, Council and the State Government.  

“If not, silent anger, worry and frustration will be regarded as approval to continue with current policies and practices of the State Government and Councils”.

Issued by the Fawkner Residents Association

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